Serving the Central Savannah River Area of South Carolina and Georgia



Specializing In:


  • Large and small lot beautification

  • Total vegetation management

  • Heavy brush hogging

  • Retention pond maintenance

  • Cutting fire breaks and firefighting access lanes

  • Thinning hazardous forest fuels

  • Eliminating invasive plant species

  • Wildlife habitat restoration

  • Pastures & riding trails

  • Pond visibility

  • Hunting plots and shooting lanes

  • Cutting or maintaining survey lines, fence lines, and power lines

  • Cutting lines of sight on rights-of way for crossings

  • Cutting roads that can be driven on in minutes


TenderFoot Land Clearing is your all-in-one Land Management Resource. The land clearing that we do is the modern way to clear land. In just a short amount of time we can improve the beauty and value of your land. Using specialized forestry mulching equipment, we are able to selectively clear/mulch trees and brush. TenderFoot mulches and shreds trees and brush leaving a clean appearance, eliminating the need for burning and hauling, saving you money. At the end of the day, your over grown lot is transformed into an inviting area of beautiful trees and mulch covered paths.



Owner/Operator: Mark Logan






TenderFoot Land Clearing - Office/Cell: 706.831.7474

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  • Environmentally Friendly, Low-Impact Clearing

  • Immediate Improvements

  • Cost Effective Clearing

  • Leaves Mulch Covered Land

  • Minimal Soil Disturbance

  • Manicured Mulch

  • No damage to roots of neighboring “keeper” trees

  • No Burning / Eliminating Smoke Pollution and Fire Hazards

  • Cubic Mass Reduction

  • No Hauling

  • Sometimes No Permitting Needed